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Design your Own

With over 20 years of experience in nutritional supplement research and development, we can take your ideas and make them into a reality.

Our Values

Customized Approach

For each project we select a contract manufacturer that adheres to your requirement, format, and certification needs. Formulations can be made in capsule, tablet, softgel, liquid, or powder form— tailored to best fit your product.

Transparency & Communication

Communication is the key to project progress and a succesful launch. In addition to regular updates, you can expect prompt, hands-on conflict resolution for any delays or issues that come up.

Verified Fresh

We source the best raw materials at the best price through our verified supplier network. Our herbal extracts are sourced from suppliers that specialize in made to order extraction to ensure freshness and potency.

Project Sequence

Here's a blueprint of our formulation process.

Step 1: Research

2-4 Weeks

• Identify the function of formula and target market

• Competitor analysis to identify core ingredients and prices

• Determine target cost of goods and corresponding sale price

• Research of the physiology and underlying causes of health/wellness concern

• Analysis of ingredients based on the latest scientific literature as well as traditional chinese medicine and ayurvedic medicine literature. 

• Contact verified supplier network for latest ingredient pricing and vetting suppliers for new ingredients.

• Draft formula for customer to review along with summary regarding ingredient synergy and effective dosage ranges.

• Finalize formula after customer feedback and adjustments.

Step 2: Testing & Design

4-8 Weeks

Run a pilot batch of the formula for testing purposes. Minimum order quantity of 100 units.

Aid customer in creating customer/patient surveys to test formula efficacy

Provide customer with basic marketing information for use in marketing collateral.

Help customer navigate label design and printing, packaging options, and shipping box options.

Turnkey marketing collateral design, label design, printing, and packaging curation options are available.

Pilot testing deposit required, 50% is credited back to customer if formula moves to production phase

Step 3: Production

6-10 Weeks

Based on requirements from the customer, choose a contract manufacturing facility for production. (NSF-certified, cGMP, Organic Certified)

Order ingredients from various trusted suppliers 

Order labels and packaging 

3rd party testing of ingredients 

Blending and encapsulation/tableting

Bottling/Packaging and Labeling

Arranging into desired master cartons for shipping

50% Deposit payment with order and 50% payment before Shipping

Step 4: Delivery

Ensure all products are manufactured to customer specifications

Shipping of products to designated vendors (Amazon, Walmart, 3PL, Customer Storage)

Inventory Storage Options Available for Additional Cost

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Next Steps

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