Our food supply is tainted with processed junk food, full of sugar and artificial chemicals. We are overfed but undernourished. Somewhere along the line, we lost sight of what food is supposed to be. Quality and nutrition has been sacrificed for convenience and taste. As a result, rampant obesity and chronic health issues has become the norm.

If you’re like us, you don’t buy into the notion that long-term health issues can be treated with a synthetic pharmaceutical drug. You understand that drugs temporarily take away the symptoms, but they don’t eliminate the underlying causes of disease. You’re seeking knowledge and want to make educated decisions about your health. Like eating wholesome nutritious foods and exercising daily.

However, even if you do everything right, your health may still be far from optimal. That’s where high quality nutritional supplements formulated with potent natural ingredients can make a difference. We are here to provide curated premium supplements and wellness information to empower you to live a healthy and vibrant life, full of happiness.




After losing a friend to cancer, my dad Philip set out to find natural remedies for the most challenging health issues. He witnessed how allopathic medicine destroyed his friend’s health until his friend just couldn’t fight anymore. He never wanted to witness his friend’s fate ever again with his family or friends. What started as a personal mission turned into a life-long passion and business for the past two decades.

Growing up I remember being my dad’s guinea pig for all kinds of herbal supplements. I expected immediate results, so I just assumed supplements didn’t work after trying once or twice. Fast forward to my twenties after graduating from college with a degree in Physiology. Some supplements I took helped me tackle my allergies and my knee tendonitis. I learned how the ingredients in the supplements worked together in my body to give me such good results. It all made perfect sense!

That’s when my dad suggested that we partner up to bring all of the great products that he had collected over the years to people who are striving for a healthier life. His devotion to finding the best health products together with my ability to understand and explain the science in a simple way makes us the ultimate team.

Finding great health products and wellness information is our daily mission, and sharing them with our family and friends brings us the utmost joy. But we don’t stop there.  We want to empower as many people as possible through wellness education and promote premium nutritional supplements that WORK. That’s why we founded Primonutra, Inc.

Join us, and let’s bring health and wellness back to the people.

Warmest regards,
Philip and Victor
Co-Founders of Primonutra, Inc.