Protective Face Shield (Pack of 12)

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SUPERIOR QUALITY: Made with anti-fog, anti-static, recyclable PET plastic. Engineered with soft, absorbent sponge and durable elastic band for all day wear.  Face shield is ideal for protection from droplets, saliva, dust, oil, and more!

EXTRA PROTECTION: Whereas masks only cover the mouth and nose area, Face Shield offers greater protection by covering the eyes as well. Face Shield offers full-face coverage, from over the top and sides to below the chin, even the smallest droplets are unable to penetrate the plastic shield.

COMFORTABLE: Quick and easy to wear and much more comfortable than face masks because it doesn’t restrict airflow. Lightweight and full coverage design eliminates the discomfort of wearing multiple protective equipment such as goggles and masks. Perfect for all day wear.

EASIER COMMUNICATION: The transparent Face Shield makes communication a lot easier as the other person can see the face and the voice doesn’t come across as muffled. Especially helpful if you work with people with hearing difficulties because they can read lips and see facial expressions more clearly. 

REUSABLE: While wearing gloves, carefully wipe the inside, followed by the outside using a clean cloth with neutral cleaning solution. Then carefully wipe the outside of the face shield using a wipe or clean cloth with disinfectant solution. Let the face shield fully dry and it’s ready to use again!

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