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      PRIMOZEN™ helps relieve symptoms of hormone imbalance especially for women in premenstrual or postmenopause stages. PRIMOZEN™ include:
      • Improves energy and stamina
      • Stabilizes mood
      • Helps lubricate vaginal wall
      • Enhances libido
      • Curbs depression
      • Eases cramps
      • Promotes regular menstrual cycle
    • PRIMOZEN™ is a blend of the most potent natural herbs that have been known to alleviate symptoms of hormonal imbalance. Our carefully crafted blend has been helping many people gain relief without the side effects that are typical of hormone products.

      PRIMOZEN™ doesn't contain any hormones, but rather provides the body with nutrients that help your cells bring balance to your hormones.


      MACA grows in central Peru in the Andes mountains. This cultivated crop has been a part of Peruvian society for over 3,000 years. Peruvians have known the medicinal qualities of MACA and have used it to treat female hormone imbalance, menstrual problems, symptoms of menopause, and fertility.
      1. MACA helps women with early Postmenopausal Symptoms
      2. MACA has a hormone balancing effect
      3. MACA reduces blood pressure and depression in Postmenopausal Women

      Tribulus is a fruit-bearing Mediterranean plant that is covered with thorns, gaining the nickname puncture vine. This plant and its fruits have been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for the treatment of a variety of ailments including, edema, abdominal distention, cardiovascular disease etc. However, in eastern europe the main benefit has been shown to be in its aphrodisiac effects. Tribulus acts on the liver to help synthesize deficient hormones. Tribulus helps detoxify the liver, allowing the liver to do its work in converting cholesterol into different hormones.
      1. Tribulus helps relieve sexual dysfunction in women
      2. Tribulus supports fertility in women
      3. Tribulus shows promise as anti-tumor herb in breast tumors

      WILD YAM ROOT has been used for hundreds of years by Native Americans for nausea and vomiting in pregnancy, urinary tract infections, and cramping. Wild Yam does not convert into hormones in the body, but rather helps facilitate hormone balance.
      1. Improves status of sex hormones, lipids, and antioxidants in postmenopausal women
      2. Supports estrogen levels in Postmeonpausal women

      Dong Quai
      DONG QUAI is also known as the "female ginseng" for its medicinal effects in women. The root has been called the "ultimate herb" for women, used by women in Asia daily as much as ginseng is used by men. It's primarily known to address women's problems including lack of desire, symptoms of menopause, cramps, and PMS. DONG QUAI also aids in increasing the effects of hormones in both men and women and widely used as an aphrodisiac.
      1. Acts as an antioxidant inside the cells
      2. Potentially inhibits tumors
      3. Increases the production of white blood cells for increased immune function.

    • I’m usually a cheerful person. In 2009 however, I started having pain everywhere and digestive problems prevented me from eating the foods I loved. I felt anxious all the time and hot flushes were a common occurrence. When I was at home resting I felt that I was always in a depressed mood. Due to this, I sought out my doctor. My doctor told me that there are side effects with hormone therapy and that I should try some dietary supplements first, I began to research and ask my friends who are in the dietary supplement business. I found PRIMOZEN and after taking it religiously for a month I’m living a totally happy and healthy life. I feel that I’ve found myself again and that I’m free from the symptoms of menopause. Even my skin feels and looks cleaner and clearer!
      - Haeyoung K.

      My husband works long hours and odd shifts. It had an impact on our sex life. He began taking PRIMOZEN and after 2 weeks, that part of our relationship improved tremendously. By the end of 4 weeks, I suggested that maybe he stop taking it for awhile as the product appeared to be working too well.
      - Gwen P.

      I began having female problems in the year of 2007. In 2008, I had a partial hysterectomy. Soon after I began having pain, swelling, and mood swings so I went to my Medical Doctor for help. An ultrasound found a 6.0cm. cyst on my right ovary. Surgery was in store for me as per my doctor; my doctor was going to admit me to remove the cyst. I spoke to my brother who said he had a product which would balance my hormones and to hold off on surgery. Soon my package of PRIMOZEN arrived. I began taking it immediately, 6 capsules per day. Immediately the energy level I felt, was incredible! Soon, my complexion mood swings and swelling began to disappear. Still being skeptical I went to see my doctor and to my surprise the cyst which was quite large prior to taking the PRIMOZEN could not be found. Thanks to PRIMOZEN I no longer needed surgery and feel absolutely great.
      - Cynthia D.

      I have used your PRIMOZEN for one month. It has helped me very much as a type 2 diabetic, I can see better.
      - Charles L.

      Prior to starting my period, I had cramping in my lower back and stomach - that all over, achy feeling. Also, since my late 30s, the headaches are intense and my eyes are sensitive to light. I have tried all kinds of over-the-counter medications. I noticed immediate relief after taking PRIMOZEN. Now my 17 year old daughter takes it too. I even gave it to my 14 year old son when he had a migraine and it worked!
      - Odessa B.

      By the end of 4 weeks, my energy level was noticeably higher and I had an increased sense of well being, as well as increased libido. (Patti has been diagnosed with Hepatitis C)
      - Patti P

      Where I live there’s often a sharp change in weather which is why everyone ends up getting the cold. I also suffered with cold symptoms for a while. I usually have severe migraines that accompany my colds but luckily I didn’t have it this time. My friends have told me my skin looks great and the dark circles under my eyes have diminished. Since my kidney function isn’t great, I usually wake up bloated but nowadays I’m not bloated at all thanks to PRIMOZEN!
      -Jamie L.

      I’ve been taking PRIMOZEN for almost 7 months. I’ve experienced so many benefits from PRIMOZEN but the most important benefit for me is slightly embarrassing for me to talk about. However, I felt that my testimonial can help other people so I’m sharing with you. I’m in my late forties but my vaginal secretions are so ample and consistent that my husband and I don’t have the trouble that other couples may have in their sex life. We are enjoying each other more and we are happier than ever!
      - J.C.

      I had a cyst so large that I could feel it when I pressed on my pelvis. After starting PRIMOZEN, the cyst started to shrink and after a six weeks I cannot feel the cyst anymore. Because I know that PRIMOZEN helps balances the hormones and doesn’t contain any hormones itself, I know that it’s a safe product to use and I recommend it to my family and friends.
      - Gina H.

      My husband and I had been trying for a child for 6 years. I felt that as I got older our chances of parenting a child was diminishing and I started to get worried. I blamed myself and that caused me to become depressed. My friend from church introduced me to PRIMOZEN and I reluctantly began taking the product. After just 5 weeks I became pregnant. I am so amazed and thankful for PRIMOZEN has done for me. Thank you.
      - Sarah S.

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