Provides natural calcium and 72 traces minerals that are important to optimal cell function

A natural, marine-sourced multi mineral complex derived from red algae (Lithothamnion sp.) in the North Atlantic seabed. This algae absorbs minerals from seawater throughout its life and stores it as carbonate salts. Other than washing and milling, Aquamin is unaltered. As a natural source of minerals, Aquamin provides a variety of health benefits.

Evidence-Based Health Benefits

We continually review scientific literature and anecdotal evidence to ensure that each ingredient is safe and delivers results.

Helps preserve bone density and reduce bone turnover. 1,2,3

Has proven anti-inflammatory activity that helps reduce pain and stiffness in sufferers of osteoarthritis.4,5,6

Helps improve symptoms of colitis, aids in maintenance of stomach wall, helps prevent polyp formation and reduces inflammation in GI tract.7,8,9